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Janetgarcia89 7 days ago

Grilled Chicken Avocado

Best grilled chicken avocado sandwhich! My biggest craving when i was pregnant :P w/ a side of sweet potato fries.

Benlee80 27 days ago

Blackened Ahi Tuna

We had one of the best meals of our lives. Everything was done to perfection. My wife is from Eastern Europe and the delicious rich flavors reminded her of her homelands cooking. The staff was kind and friendly. The atmosphere was peaceful, beautiful and inspiring. It was Everything a home should be.

Starfairy1006 about 1 month ago

Taco Salad

Get this every time I come here. So tasty.

Kitkat297 about 1 month ago

Fried Chicken and Waffle!

The fried chicken and waffle was so delicious! The atmosphere made it even better. Home is the perfect brunch spot or the best place for a girls night out. Their cocktails are also out of this world.

Mmoos12 about 2 months ago

Grilled Chicken Avocado

I love this sandwich it is so good, especially with the house salad with lemon champagne dressing. The chicken is cooked to perfection. I get this sandwich at least once a week. I love ordering take out from this restaurant

Ivang503323 about 2 months ago

French Toast

I totally love the customer service. The environment is super cool this is my 4th time here. I brought my girlfriend and she definitely like it. Obviously First impression counts cause since the first day I came this is one of my favorite restaurant.

Guest 2 months ago

Blood Orange Mimosa

Great drink(:

Elifkaptanoglu 2 months ago

Eggs Benedict

Great Hollandaise sauce and the eggs were poached perfectly!

Email 2 months ago

Crispy French Toast

Soooo good! Perfect amount of crisp and sweetness. It was even great as a dinner time dessert

Rosalyn200 2 months ago


This was delicious! I also appreciate how someone picks up the phone and clarifies ingredients.

Eversolulu 2 months ago

Smoked Salmon Benedict

Flavorful and indulgent, just the right amount of everything and at the end of the meal, you won't feel overly full or bloated. The eggs were perfectly poached, and the smoked salmon was delicious. Would definitely eat this again!

Ware 3 months ago

Steak and Eggs

I moved from Boston to LA three years ago and in that time, Home has been my only consistent go to restaurant. Whenever someone asks for a recommendation; Home. I've tried everything from their steak dinner to the quinoa wrap and everything in between. The atmosphere/ environment makes you feel like your at Home. The prices are fair, which is what keeps me coming back. Thank you Home for consistently delivering quality! - Chris

Manny 3 months ago

Fried Chicken and Waffle!

Its hard to find a good restaurant that can give good food. Its harder to find a restaurant that makes good chicken and waffles. Its hard to really trust the reviews because i have my own taste buds. But this was definitely rainbows and unicorns for me. The waffle was perfectly baked. The chicken was crispy(but not too much) on the outside and juicy on the inside. It was beautiful and took me back to my childhood. I definitely recommend this place. The environment is not what im used to. Eating close with other strangers but the name of the restaurant is "Home" so i figured its part of the experience.

Socalr6 3 months ago


If you like tequila this is a drink you have to try. You will be infatuated with your first sip and end up in full research mode to try and make it yourself....every day. Just come to Home and enjoy perfection in a glass and the chicken and waffles or the ribs❤

Cait2015 3 months ago

Crispy Chicken

Every time I've been to Home it's been the best experience, and it's always worth the wait. No matter where I am in LA, Home is my go-to place. I've tried multiple dishes there but the crispy chicken is my favorite. The portion size is great but it's still healthy and light so you're not bogged down the rest of the evening. A lovely setting and wonderful food for any occasion.

0ctav3 4 months ago

Fried Chicken Sandwich

The brioche was crispy on the face & soft everywhere else. The lightly battered chicken was so well prepared! That was the best breakfast sandwich I've ever eaten. Compliment it with a side of fresh fruit & you'll smile all day.

Bbutler13 5 months ago

Bacon Mac & Cheese

Incredible food and even better service!

Cperez 5 months ago

Smoked Salmon Benedict

I dream about this dish... even though eggs make me nauseous. It's so worth the pain. Anytime we are anywhere near Home, i make sure we stop in.

Suewitt 5 months ago

Huevos Benedictos

SUCH a creative approach to eggs benedict - it was like two little egg tarts! The sopes are crunchy, combined with the perfect combination of questo fresco, beans and topped with poached eggs. I added the avocado and it was well worth it. Will definitely be ordering this again on my next visit!

Monastyr 5 months ago

Smoked Salmon Benedict

The smoked salmon Benedict is my go-to brunch order at Home. It's my favorite dish there, period! I'm always disappointed when I go (or order delivery) at a time it's not being served—but I'd never try any of the other great stuff if they served it all day long.

M 15 days ago

Fish Tacos

Delicious! A bit of a kick in terms of spice, but this is my favorite thing to get when I visit Home.

Eversolulu about 1 month ago

Healthy Scramble

Very yummy, love the pesto and the fact that it's healthy just made it even more fantastic!

Kitkat297 about 1 month ago

Blood Orange Mimosa

One of the best mimosas I have ever had hands down. The sugar rim too made me so happy.

Mandyppp about 2 months ago

Egg and Chorizo

Everything was delicious, it was the perfect mix of flavors. I Especially loved the chorizo because it was just the right amount of spice and it goes very well with mimosas.

Sean about 2 months ago

Mac & Cheese

Soooo goood

Jmburke84 about 2 months ago

Mac & Cheese Bites

Great atmosphere, great happy hour. Service is on point, and the food is consistent. The mac and cheese bites are so dangerous. They've got decent vegetarian options, and the decently strong drinks. Nice place to have a drink outside without being on a sidewalk.

Jazminbryant98 2 months ago


SO GOOD! I added the vegan soyrizo as well. Delicious! 10/10

Jerry 2 months ago

Crispy Chicken

It's one of the best I've ever had sooooo gooood !

Kimookim 2 months ago

Crispy Chicken

We love to come here for lunch on the weekends. When I feel like eating healthy I get the multigrain salad, when I feel like being bad I get the crispy chicken sandwich (yum!) but I ALWAYS get a Michelalad! Home's food is always consistently good and the service is great.

Jsthomas4234 2 months ago

Healthy Scramble

Enjoyed every bite! Definitely would order again!

Linagoferman 3 months ago


So yummy! Some of the best I've had!!

Jessicalavertue 3 months ago

Lemon Chicken Piccata

Home is one of my favorite restaurants. The atmosphere and service are amazing. I absolutely love the chicken piccata, It's the best chicken chicken piccata I've ever had. The chicken is tender and the sauce is delicious. The carrots are soft and flavorful and the mashed potatoes are creamy and super flavorful as well. I'm practically licking my plate clean every time I order this dish!

Elizabethrouu 3 months ago

Blackened Ahi Tuna

You know when you're expecting something to be absolutely delicious and then you get it and it exceeded your expectations. (Which is hard to do) That's how it was for me when I ate the Blackened Ahi Tuna Sandwich. I'll definitely be back for that sandwich, and the great service!

Janacua 3 months ago

Steak and Eggs

Steak and eggs was the perfect wake-me up! The temperature of the steak was right on point and the chimichurri sauce not only paired great with the meat but with the eggs too. I order this every time. You can't beat the location and overall ambiance and the service is always pleasant.

Paigedesjardinsapple 4 months ago

Fish Tacos

These fish tacos were delicious! The fish was cooked perfectly. The service here was great and I really love the atmosphere. We also got the French toast dessert and WOW it was so amazing. I will definitely be going back to get it again!

Focacciafranklin 4 months ago

Tequila Lime Pasta

I went to this with my girlfriend for our first date and her birthday, and both times were perfect. We usually order the same dish as each other anywhere we go but trying something different was far too tempting. The tequila lime pasta was delicious and her fish tacos were divine. The service was also phenomenal as my tea was never empty and as an iced tea connoisseur this is much appreciated. We will most definitely be back as to us this is Home.

Sweptouttosea 5 months ago

Truffle Fries

These were amazing. So tasty! ! I'll crave them forever now!

Undeniablemag 5 months ago

Beet & Pear

Very refreshing and light yet filling. Added Salmon which was moist and flakey. Thoroughly enjoyed this undeniable dish.

Carin 5 months ago

French Toast

The French Toast will have me coming back to Home for brunch every weekend! I loved the fluffiness of the bread and the berries on top added an extra layer of deliciousness!! Such a great brunch!

Christinalopez357 5 months ago


The taste was exceptional and very filling! I had never had a bruschetta like that before :)


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